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DJ Zach Book

Emerging as a top DJ from the East Coast, DJ Zach Book, has been in the event entertainment business for over a decade. His passion for moving people with music and beats has fueled his growth from a local DJ in a relatively small town to one of LA’s most respected artists. 

Zach arrived in Los Angeles in 2001 where his creativity evolved and flourished. Southern California became the perfect home for him, spinning events for LA's elite crowd and mixing at some of the hottest clubs in town. His intuition for reading the room and packing a dancefloor sharpened as he mixed everything from hip hop to house, to today’s hits like Drake, Justin and Bruno along with classics such as Prince and Madonna to the funk and disco of the 70s…and everything in between.

Having performed at thousands of weddings, private events and clubs over the past decade, Zach understands the intricacies of an event.  He loves working closely with each and every client from beginning to end while getting to know their vibe and style.  His positive energy is infectious, his personality is magnetic and everyone just seems to love him.  From DJing to MCing, Zach will create an event to be remembered for you and your guests.   

Zach has performed for hundreds of clients including Snap Inc., Sony Pictures Entertainment, Drake, Ryan Gosling, The Pritzker Family Foundation, Hard Rock Cafe, Disney, Henson Studios, Oprah Winfrey, and more. 

Call us today at 323-940-4355 to find out how to book DJ Zach Book for your upcoming event. We look forward to hearing from you and to making your event an incredible one! 

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